Environmental Science class showcases PBL project

I had the privilege last week to serve on a PBL panel for the high school Environmental Science class. Students had created Energy Conservation curriculum units for each campus and correlating grade levels to use as a part of their respective science units.

Having worked with these students over the past 3-4 weeks, I was so impressed by the students’ work ethic, their commitment to completing the task at hand, and the ability to create units that were engaging, collaborative and relevant for students, grades K-11. This effort was a result of studying Energy as a part of their classroom curriculum.

Initially when the assignment started, the high school students were hesitant and unsure of how this project would be meaningful and impact students. Having had personal conversations with them, they shared their concerns about this project and whether it would make a difference for others. I told them the projects would impact students at all grade levels and serve as a great resource for teachers. The students also got to experience first hand what lengths a teacher goes through to plan thought-provoking, relevant lessons that students will enjoy and learn from.

They did a great job with presenting information using technology as a teaching tool, and the panel seemed impressed with what they saw and heard. I commend their teacher, Rob McFall, for taking risks in using PBL in the classroom, and for his vision of what the classroom learning environment could and should look like. It was a proud moment to see all of this come together. Congratulations.

When the students post to their blogs, I will link this page to the blogs so all can see and enjoy. Great process for all involved.




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