Math Curriculum Changes

Math curriculum changes are taking place in K-8 for the 2013-2014 school year and teachers are preparing through workshops and other trainings  to be ready. The shift in some of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills from one grade level to another has teachers rethinking content and lesson experiences for the coming year.

2 thoughts on “Math Curriculum Changes

  1. It sure seems to me that both teachers are teacher centered. Neither talked about student options. It was only what they wanted to happen. We have to stop looking at our agenda and start considering the options students have for career pathways and build systems in place to make them successful in those choices. Some might need four years of math. Some might not. It’s their life choices. We should be supporting those instead of making them for them.

    • I think you are correct about it being teacher centered. I think the reporter didn’t know or didn’t consider the curriculum changes and that teacher prep has everything to do with the classroom and content being student centered. His/her job was to highlight teacher training (I’m assuming).

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