YOU ‘Be the Difference’

Do Something Amazing

The first day of school has finally arrived. So much to do, so many faces and names to learn, and a multitude of tasks to complete–all in the span of seven or so hours.

One thing for sure–there won’t be another first day of school for this year. This is it. This is your chance to show students they can ‘DO SOMETHING AMAZING.’

Take a chance. Be the risk taker. Teach in a way you’ve never taught before. Create the environment you’ve always dreamed of. And then ask yourself if you’ve created the kind of lessons that you can ‘sell tickets’ to. Would the students come? Would it be all they’ve dreamed of and hoped for? Would your classroom be the ‘Best Place They Are ALL Day’?

Judging by the kind of teachers we work with every day, day in and day out, the answer would be yes.

Then bring your best tools, put your game face on, and be ready. Your students are counting on it, and they are counting on YOU!


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